Dr James Lyon

WAR Paint


WARpaint aims to raise funding for charities that support serving veterans and serving personnel who are living with the devastating and life-changing effects of war.

It is the brainchild of artist, Caroline de Peyrecave.

The core of the project is a selection of life size full-length portraits of living sailors, soldiers and aircrew, men women, representing conflicts that the United Kingdom has been involved in since the Second World War. Painted by Caroline, the pictures will be put on public display in London along with 40 or so painted sketches of other sitters.

The full-length portraits will subsequently be loaned in return for donation to companies and individuals over the following two years. The proceeds raised will be distributed to charities that support wounded veterans, including Combat Stress, Stoll, Walking With the Wounded and the The Dougie Dalzell Memorial Trust.

The sketches will raise funds for The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity, The Army Benevolent Fund, The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund and Blind Veterans UK.

WARpaint hopes to raise awareness of the effects of conflict through art and generating valuable funds for worthy charities. Utilising the therapeutic power of the art and how the experience has the ability to help injured veterans.

Many of Caroline’s sitters find the sittings a chance to reflect on what has happened to them and how they are living their lives today. Caroline is particularly focusing on the positive side of what her sitters are doing now in their day to day lives. When they sit for her she is curious and asks open questions about what they have been through, allowing the conversation to be natural and comfortable.

Anthony Cooper