Faces and Places:
Rajasthan and Southern Africa Exhibition

Caroline has travelled from her studio in London to Africa on many trips and then Northern India in 2014.

She first took her paints to South Africa many years ago on a family trip where she painted at Madikwe Lodge.

This year she travelled to Zimbabwe and Botswana to paint on two three week trips. She has been capturing local faces particularly in and around Bulawayo, artists in the National Gallery in Bulawayo and the landscapes and wildlife of National Parks throughout Africa. Caroline is particularly interested in painting Africans with Albinism.

Whilst visiting the Secondary School Orphanage in Matopos, Caroline taught basic art classes to the children, many of whom had never painted before. In Harare, Caroline also did a Portrait demonstration covered by ’Zim Artist’ Magazine, with the ticket proceeds going to the Zimbabwean Albinism Society.

“The participants were given evaluation forms to complete. Both the boys and girls had very positive comments. The girls were very happy to be included in the workshop. The girls were also very pleased to see that even females take up art too. They said that they have never been encouraged to bring out their art talents. I will write 2 comments from a boy and a girl:

"This is the first time I have been taught painting by a lady. In the beginning I thought it was a joke. I had this belief that females cannot draw or art or paint. This lady teacher proved me wrong. She was very good in teaching and she is a good artist. Respect to this lady Caroline and to other lady artists!"

One girl wrote something touching in her evaluation:

"I was surprised that a clean and pretty lady was an artist. When I got home, I told my father that artist like everyone else can choose to be either clean or dirty. I also told him that I wanted to be a clean and pretty artist. For the first time ever, my father allowed me to sit down and draw something for him. I drew his favourite, the cows in his kraal. He is very happy with this drawing. Thank you lady artist, Caro."

The paintings produced that day are on sale at my exhibition to raise money for the Zimbabwean Albinism Society.

Zimbabwean Albinism Society (ZIMAS)

ZIMAS are a developing organization, started in 2006. They are looking to address the health and social disadvantages faced by African Albinos through simple initiatives. In addition to health promotion and public awareness work amongst the wider community they provide brimmed hats and sunscreen to their membership and spectacles to school aged children.

In line with their aspiration to be as self sufficient as possible ZIMAS runs a project that resources locally run chicken farms run by African Albinos, giving them the means to work to support themselves and to sustain a better quality of life.

While in Harare I also did a demonstration through Zim Artist Magazine. I raised $440 for The Zimbabwean Albinism society. Some of the proceeds from the sales of Albino paintings at the exhibition will go to help the society even further.

"Thank you once again for your generous heart and contribution towards our organisation and bringing a smile to our faces."

Zimbabwean Albinism Society

This album is a collection of images, some photographs taken on the trips and others are of the work she has created. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the book please contact Caroline.