“There is something special in an original portrait that you can never capture in a photograph.” Ali Clark

“Everyone I have spoken to is extremely moved by your accuracy and interpretation of Dougie, you’ve captured an expression we all know so well and we’re very, very grateful.” Jaime Williams

“It was the first time I had ever been drawn and I was nervous as to what the atmosphere was going to be like. I worried whether I would be able to sit still! Caroline let me have breaks and checked that I was happy with how it was going. I felt so comfortable around her and she is so professional but in a totally relaxed way, a real talent! I highly recommend her and I will cherish and love my portrait forever.” Alice Cave

For many people the thought of commissioning a portrait might seem overwhelming, intimidating and a tedious event. However, sitting for an artist is an unforgettable, unique and enjoyable experience.

There are many types of portraits but what is important is that it reflects the person’s personality and any reasons for commissioning the portrait. I work mostly from life but will work from photographs if live sittings are not possible. For information on child and baby portraiture click here.


Before any sessions begin I like to meet my sitter to discuss ideas. This is an informal meeting which might take place in the client’s home or at the studio. We can discuss the intention of the portrait, where it will hang, the size and mood, clothing, the background or setting and where and when the other sittings will take place. Once all of these factors have been discussed and approved by the client, the price of the portrait can be determined.

For a head and shoulders in charcoal or oil 2-3 sittings are required, depending on the level of finish desired.  A sitting lasts roughly two hours with regular breaks. This length of time for sittings is very important for capturing depth and the true character and life of the sitter.

Ideally I work from my studio in the Surrey Hills, but will travel and work on site provided that there is enough natural light available. It is important that the sitter feels comfortable and confident in the surroundings. A visit to the studio prior to any sittings is welcome. The sittings are very informal and relaxed with casual conversation while I get a feeling for the client’s personality and capture natural gestures and expressions. It is important that you approve of every stage, as I of course want you to be pleased with the final result.

What is often thought of as a complicated and time consuming process often turns out to be an enjoyable and interesting experience for the sitter and artist.


Prices may vary depending on the size and complexity of the composition. Please email me for details. A deposit of about 50% of the total price is required once a commission has been arranged. Framing a portrait is important as it can make a huge difference to the appearance of the work – I am happy to advise you on this or arrange it. Transport outside of London or to transport large scale commissions is not covered in the price.

If you would like to commission a portrait or have any queries please contact me via the contact page.